Christopher G. Pike is a Massachusetts native, born in Danvers, MA.  Chris has always had a passion for entertaining others, but it wasn’t until college that his true passion for film & theatre surfaced. Hamilton College does not specialize in theatre, however, the influential and dedicated Professors at this institution have helped guide Chris down an incredible acting path the road less traveled.  For this, he is grateful. 

​Winner of Best Comedy at the Bridgewater State Campus Movie Fest in 2011 for his comedic work in “Interquenchin”, Chris had the opportunity to fly out to California and watch his film premier at Warner Bros. Studios at the International Campus Movie Fest.  This was a very rewarding experience for Chris and helped catapult him into various other films soon thereafter.Playing a more serious role in “Heroin: A Love Story”, Chris was able to show his versatility as an actor.  This movie was nominated and accepted into the Boston International Film Festival in 2013.With three movies in Post-Production “You’ve been Invited”, “The Trespasser” and “Hooked”, Chris is eager to begin working with the ever-so-talented Cast and Crew of the film “Silence”. This jaw-dropping saga will leave the audience shocked, surprised, in disbelief, and a whole lot more – it is a brilliant story that hits every nerve and provides fulfillment to an audience that will come away from this film really thinking about and evaluating, life.

Jessica Sonneborn grew up in Connecticut and earned a BA in Anthropology from Wheaton College and a graduate teaching degree from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. After teaching in Boston for a couple of years she turned her attention to acting in Independent movies, eventually deciding to make a serious try in the film industry by moving to Los Angeles in 2005.

Jessica has had leads in a variety of genres from thrillers: Lure and The House Across the Street (Eric Roberts, Ethan Embry), Sci-Fi: The Witches of Oz (Christopher Lloyd, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin), comedy: Kevin Smith’s Movie Club presents: Money Shot (Jason Mewes) and Horror: Alice D. (Kane Hodder, Al Snow) and Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (Reggie Bannister and Tim Sullivan). She is in numerous other independent productions including: American Girls (Bai Ling), Rabid Love, Alpha House, Never Open the Door, Red Sleep, Pain is Beautiful and Love Squared as well as a supporting role in Leigh Scott’s latest movie: Piranha Sharks. She also had guest stars on Stephen Merchants', Hello Ladies, Diablo Cody's, United States of Tara and Charles Shyers, Him and Us (pilot). Jessica has several movies lined up for 2014 including the comedy Love Addict, the horror remake: Psycho a Go Go, cult 1960’s horror: 1969, supernatural horror: Marked, zombie horror: The Undead, and the New England based thriller: Silence.

Talli Clemons was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. He's always had a love for acting in his heart but it wasn't until he dove in headfirst that he new acting had to be a part of his life.Talli has been consistently working for a little over two years now as an actor. He started out performing onstage as a lead role in the Renaissance play and performing a self monologue with “And Still We Rise” theater troupe before converting over to film. Over the past 2 years, Talli has appeared in several feature films, short films and music videos -- many of which he landed the supporting or lead role.His most recent film is the highly anticipated New York based feature “Last Love Loss” in which he plays a very jealous and raging alcoholic boyfriend. You can also, see him in episodes seven and eight of “The Cold Read” where he plays an extremely funny character, as well as in “Rosie's Diner” where he’s plays a role of a gun-slinging thug. Talli has also acted in several music videos including  "Save You" by Rumorz and “Take my Keys” by Matt Clarke just to name a few.

Clearly, Talli Clemons has the ability to play a very broad range of characters and brings truth to any characters he takes on. Talli states that his drive comes through his past struggles in life and everything he has had to overcome to get to where he is at today.He now feels like there's no turning back and that the future is bright !

Cesar Rego was born in Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal, where he started his acting career in community theater at the age of 11.  
Moved to the U.S at the age of 20 and stayed active in theater productions .   In 2010 he started pursuing a acting career in  the TV and film industry, working in commercials,  short and feature films, also maintaining   his work in theater.

In silence with the role of  " Frank ", he is Bruno's best friend and his voice of reason . 

​Cesar is a giving talented actor and we look forward to see where his role will lead .

Carlyne is a New England based producer, bilingual actress and Voice over artist who loves what she does. Over the last couple of years alone, Carlyne has gained over 30 credits in the film and television industry, and last year was the recipient of the "Best Supporting Actress" award at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival for her role in "My Pretty Maura".

Some of her most recent projects include: "The American Templars" where she portray the fearless Lilly Yarborough; "Justice is Mind" for her co-starring role as Dr. Pullman; "The Witching Hour" with actor Michael Madsen & William Forsythe; and "I am Monroe" as the paranoid schizophrenic Gladys Baker.In 2014, Carlyne is looking forward to filming some highly anticipated films: "ONE" where she will play Rachel Aronson, a biker gal-turned-street evangelist; and  "Blue Suede" where she will portray the role of an FBI Director.  

Is what you will hear.

Anna Rizzo is an actress and singer-songwriter from New England, with a passion for performance that emerged at a young age. She attended Berklee College of Music, where she earned a degree in songwriting, business and performance. While at Berklee, Anna also discovered and fell in love with acting for film. She has worked on many short films, features, and web series throughout New England.

Anna has enjoyed playing a range of dramatic roles, from the violent, socially awkward, pathological liar, Moss, in the thriller "Collective Anger;" to the grieving widow, Jill, in the ensemble film which explores stages of grief, "Tangled 8;" to Kathy, a woman desperate to preserve family and home in a post-apocalyptic world in the science fiction film, "Future Justice." Anna looks forward to working with the cast and crew of "Silence" and bringing the role of Mona to life.

Herlin Navarro was born and raised in Boston,Massachusetts by her mother Alejandra Navarro and father Antonio Navarro. She was raised of Salvadorian heritage. She has an older sister, Jessica Navarro and a younger brother Elvis Navarro. Herlin welcomed a child in 2004, a beautiful boy named Julian Rodriguez (age 10). She graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Boston with a Bachelor of Art in the Criminal Justice Department. 

Because of certain commitments in her life she had to place acting on hold and finish her studies as a Criminal Justice major. Once she finished Undergraduate School she decided to place Graduate School on hold and pursue what she always desired which was to become a full time actor. She will be working on two independent films for the 2014 year which nonetheless, include Silence and Blue Suede, both which are Supporting Roles. She has also filmed several Boston University Short Films ( Cycle and The Bird and the Bees). Herlin challenges herself with trying out for different roles to enhance her skills has an Actor. 
Jocelyn Vogel, age 8, began modeling when she was 5 and in early 2013 decided that she would like to act.  Since then, she has been in a number of theatre productions, an independent film, background on two major motion pictures, a web-commercial, and was recently cast in a guest lead role in a web-series.  She is extremely excited and looking forward to playing Jenny, the young daughter, in Silence.