Chris Tobiaz got his start in radio, helping local business with commercial advertisement.

 He transitioned into television, producing two TV shows on the SPEED channel " Two Guy's " Garage and Truck U.

 Producer of  two short films " Origins" and " Murder Kills" . He will be Producing the upcoming full length film  Silence

 Nelson Reis was born in the island of S. Miguel, Azores, Portugal. His love for filmmaking started  at a very young age, spending a lot of his time watching films from his dad's video rental house. 

At the age of 14 he moved to the U.S and some years later he started in TV Production as a camera operator  for the television station S.I.C International, where his love for the lens sparked his creativity into the film industry.

 In 2011 he started writing " Silence " as a short film and later on, it naturally shaped itself into a feature film as the writing progressed.     

Carlyne is a New England based producer and bilingual actress who loves what she does. Born and raised on the outskirts of Montreal, Carlyne has had a passion for film since she was eight years old - already attending double feature presentations at local cinemas by herself.

Some of her recent & notable projects as a producer include: "Take my Keys" a powerful music video that promotes anti-teens drunk driving – and recipient of the 2013 video of the year award on eTalent showcase music video contest; “Theory of Conflict” a film on racial & ethnicity clashes amongst college students; “Watched” a short artistic & twisted thriller; and “In the Bedroom” an ingenious web series bringing together a multitude of NE talented film people. 

But as a producer, Carlyne’s true passion lies with films that shed light on a variety of social Issues. She wishes to combine her creative craft with powerful media, to help provoke social change and  bring about global awareness on issues close to her heart. As such, she is looking forward to 2014 to produce “Silence” a feature exploring the tremendous impact of texting & social media on our lives.   

Is what you will hear.